The Mod-U-Shelf PVC system is ideally suited to outdoor shelving for greenhouse and other gardening/plant stands due to its resistance to water damage and does not rust. It is made using the 32mm diameter round PVC pipe and 350mm deep clip-on shelf panels. As an additional innovation, we cut the shelf panels into smaller strips to allow for the water to run-off and not pool on the shelf surface.

This Add-on module is sold as an addition to the main module, and extends the overall length of your shelving system by 1260mm for each additional module purchased. As with the main module, it is also sent out flat packed.

Add-on module size: 1260mm (w) x 670mm (d) x 910mm (h)

Please note – an Add-on module does not work independantly of the main module, it requires all the main module components to be connected to make up the new extended shelving system.